Dip Into My Mind, If You Have The Time. Revealing only a warped Madness To Find.

The name is... Cheyenne. The Revelator of the Ravishing Regime. The legend in the making, as you read this I will have your spine quaking. The mind, is the part thats filled with my world. I allow you to dip into my mind but, only if you have the time. To only indulge in the madness you will find. The myth, is the idea's, theories, and queeries etched into my annels in time. The Legend: Is yours truly! On a daily quest to etch my line in the sand before, I have to be the one to take a last stand!

Love wrestling! Women! Music! Entertainment! Writing! Gaming! Video Editing! I style and profile! custom made, from head to toe!

Ok enough ryhmes! I hope you enjoy my page even though about 20 people have seen it and only 2 look at it a day lol. In any event, everything you see is a bit of me. Enjoy the music, the poems, the songs, and repost, Don't be shy!

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